We at Anchor Youth are driven to invest our lives into young people. We believe God is raising up this generation to be the future changers and difference makers. We specialize in creating a fun atmosphere that young people enjoy, such as bonfires, slip n' slides, and indoor wiffle ball. At the same time we also teach our young people the uncompromised Word of God and impart the blessing to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, all for the glory of God. Our young people encounter the presence of God in times of worship and in the teaching of God's Word.
Between Pastors Tim and Sarah and our leaders- we have over 30 years of youth ministry experience. Also, many of our leaders grew up in the very youth ministry they serve; we believe that shows a lot about the quality of students that come out of our youth ministry.
We also take multiple trips a year to invest into our young peoples' lives and have a blast. We have been to Nashville, St. Louis, Gatlinburg, Fort Worth, Texas and other places that our students enjoy.
Service Times:
9:30 A.M. (Sunday School)
7:00 P.M.